• Bioinspired Forum 2012: Augmented

    Bioinspired Forum - Augmented 14 juni 2012

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    Adding a syllable or two to nature.

    Can we understand and experience the Baltic Sea in new ways?

    • How can we understand and develop 20 000 km3 of water?
    • How can we make the sea more accessible?
    • How can we engage new disciplines in the storytelling about the Baltic Sea as a resource?

    Invitation – pdf

    • Augmented Reality – What is it?
    • Biological Sensors – How does it work?
    • Geopositioning – What’s next?
    • Image Recognitioning – From shape to content.
    • Pheromones – A media for communication?

    With support from: Skåne Regional Council

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    Report from the event by Phil Jandaly
    “But what if there were a way for people to get a fish eye view of what goes on under 70% of the Earth’s surface? Could people be inspired to look a bit deeper, to understand what’s down there?”


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