• Bioinspired Forum – From Laboratory to Concept

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    Bioinspired Forum – From Laboratory to Concept

    “Objects of Fiction”

    Date: Tuesday August 28, 2012
    Time: 12.00 – 18.00, hållBAR from 18.00
    Place: The Swedish Museum of Architecture

    We start with a light lunch 12.00-13.00

    This meeting is part of a long term aim to transfer knowledge from the material research laboratories to design/architecture and vice versa,

    In connection with the research center Biomime’s annual meeting we will organize an interdisciplinary meeting at The Swedish Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. Point of departure will be prototypes/demonstrators/samples from the laboratories – objects of fiction.

    13.00 Introduction and inspirational talks. After that we split up and go to a round table of your choice.

    On the table:
    – “Transparent lobster”
    (leading scientists: Lars Berglund and Nuria Butchosa)

    – Irridescent Paper
    (leading scientists: Derek Gray and Houssine Sehaqui)

    – Transgenic Plant (leading scientists: Geoff Fincher and Björn Sundberg)

    – Bacterial Cellulose (leading scientists: Qi Zhou and Vincent Bulone)

    – Superhydrophobic foams (leading scientists: Lars Wågberg and Olli Ikkala)

    – Salt and Paper Battery (leading scientists: Albert Mihranyan)

    We have the opportunity to become world leading when it comes to applying material science. But then we need to develop new tools for communication between disciplines.

    “Where word breaks off no thing may be”, Stefan George
    ”Inget ting må vara där ordet brister”, Stefan George
    ”Kein ding sei wo das wort gebricht”, Stefan George

    #knowledge transfer #recontextualisation #creative connection points #material research #scenario building #molecular crowd sourcing #transformation that matters #performance #properties #the design process #casting competences #staging nature #interfaces #growth potential #language – attributes lead the way.

    In collaboration with:
    Aalto University
    Dalénum Stiftelsen
    Svensk Form
    The Swedish Museum of Architecture


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