• BIOi One – a Vehicle for Collaboration

    BIOi One
    – a Vehicle for Collaboration

    Turning Imagination into Power

    The world is full of ideas and the laboratories accumulate what can be described as a tsunami of
    data. All this creativity and knowledge is necessary, but how do we make something out of it? It is
    hardly possible anymore for any lone genius to process and transform all this into something that
    could become an innovation. Let alone find the funding that can carry the idea to a market.

    Lately nature’s behavior and performance are seen as a source for inspiration in terms of innovation
    and industrial development. This goes under many names; biomimetics, biomimicry, bioinspired,
    bionics, etc. It is a reasonable claim that principle from what we call nature can be transformed into
    something useful in man’s context. This has of course always been the case but now it is taking off
    due to extensive research and our inventions has a potential to be more in tune with natural
    processes. But the question remains: How do we apply this know-how in our societies?

    For centuries we have divided knowledge into faculties and researchers have dug deep into their
    respective field of research. But now we need to stage collaboration between disciplines. Not only
    within academia but in an extended field that include people from business, design, architecture,
    policy makers, politicians, venture capitalists, etc.

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