• Coming Up: INL Summit 2015 – “Scale Travels”

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    Date: November 10-11, 2015
    Place: Iberian Nano Laboratory, Braga/Portugal

    Bioinspired Forum is co-producing the International Iberian Nano Laboratory’s first Summit 2015 in Braga/Portugal. The INL Summit will become an annual event putting nanotechnology in motion in society, industry and business.

    The event is part of a long-term strategy to turn the Northern region in Portugal into a nano hotspot. This year a special focus will be on the creative industry and nanotechnology.

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    You’d never see it, but nanoscale technology is already embedded in the landscape of our everyday life. So much so that we’re now on the doorstep of a surge, in which new players are about to enter the stage. With the help of science and collective society, those new players will support our efforts to turn scientific know-how into beneficial products and services even further. To do that new tools and models are needed to accelerate and streamline the innovative potential with leaders from several professions. So this year leaders from the creative industry have come to join us and become strategic partners, to turn imagination into power.

    Read more and program>>http://scaletravels.inl.int

    – What are society’s drivers of change, and how can they be augmented by nanotechnology?
    – How do we engage the private sector in development?
    – What will nanotechnology offer to added-value manufacturing and how can new value chains boost innovation?
    – How should we set up financial instruments/funds that speed up the diffusion of innovation?
    – Is there a connection between nanotechnology and sustainable urban development?
    – How do we configure creative spaces and how do we make sense of science in a specific context?
    – How can we fully exploit INL´s international status for cross-border collaboration?

     Nanotechnology as a key driver for societal development.

    *The title “Scale Travels” refers to the fact that nanotechnology, like all tech in a sense, sends our senses into realms beyond their natural reach. With new insights and data from this exploration, we can come back and give that experience a shape that makes sense in our everyday world. The creative industry give ideas a form.